Help children be at ease about being away from home, to learn to work and play independently, and to be able to accept guidance from adults.

Develop self-help abilities and habits of safety, good nutrition, and cleanliness.

Encourage creativity and self-expression.

Develop curiosity- the urge to explore and to seek answers.

Encourage children's desire to learn, to enhance their ability to think and to reason, and to expand their mental processes.

Involve children in varied experiences which will increase their knowledge and understanding of their world.

Develop language skills for both speaking and listening.

Learn to live effectively with other children,  to work and play cooperatively, and to value one's own rights as well as the rights of others.

Develop self-discipline and to grow in ability to channel destructive impulses, i.e. to talk instead of hit, and to feel sympathy for the troubles of others.

Assist parents in positive ways during their children's formative years.

Develop self-identity and a view of themselves as having competence and worth through warmth, recognition, and the providing of success experiences.